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Success Stories

Imagine not being able to be independent because you lack something as simple and basic as mobility. These families experience this everyday but they have the determination and perseverance to keep going. CHR is there to make that a little easier and get them closer to becoming who they really want to be.

We are extremely proud of the families we have helped, for not giving up and always pushing forward. They are the reason we do this and the reason we will keep doing it. Please take the time to read some of their stories.


After evacuating Puerto Rico due to hurricane Maria, Jordan’s family was in need of food, diapers and a wheelchair for Jordan. They have been residing in a hotel in Brandon, paid by FEMA. They have been approved for housing but haven’t been able to provide the necessary Florida identification for Jordan, due to his lack of mobility. He has been bed-bound since their arrival.
“Thank you, Harsh. I am so happy with the chair. Thank you very much. God bless you.”
“I am so happy, really, God bless you, I am so happy. You know how many years we have waited for this. A long time. Nobody helped us, nobody.”
- Jordan’s grandmother, Iris



Third-grader Sabian of Tampa, is enjoying new-found freedom thanks to a wheelchair provided at no cost by Charity Health Resources.
“It was getting harder for his grandfather to carry him around, but his family was unable to obtain a wheelchair through their insurance carrier,” said Harsh Bagdy, founder of Charity Health Resources.
“This is why we started this organization - to provide a better quality of life with our donations. I think we did that for Sabian. He has a new lease on life.”
- Sabian
“Harsh Bagdy and Charity Health Resource has become a part of our family. The way Harsh had the insight to see a need we had and found the heart within himself to help my family through his charity is... well... there are no words but simply tears of joy. “
- Leira, Sabian’s mom



Rivera has spinal stenosis, two herniated disks and a meniscus injury. She desperately needed a way to move around without fear of falling. “Having a cane is helping me to walk more confident especially when I’m in pain. The shower chair has been extremely helpful, before taking showers was difficult because I was afraid that I’m going to fall down.
“God bless you, and thank you for the donation.“



As a result of Carmen’s debilitating arthritis, her knee is often swollen and painful. “Having the cane is helping me to walk more secure because when my knee is swollen I lost balance. Thank you so much for your help.”



Charles was in desperate need of a wheelchair. He was using one that was broken and hard to maneuver. Charles became disabled after breaking his neck and back, then having a stroke, only able to use right arm and hand. His application for a wheelchair through his insurance was not approved because he is homeless; the insurance company required a house inspection to fulfill approval requirements. His wife, Becky, suffers of constant back and neck pain as a result of pushing her husband in a deteriorated wheelchair.
“Thank you Harsh and Charity Health Resources. You all are the only ones who ever came through with something you promised. People have promised me a wheelchair before, and I’ve never seen it. The wheelchair I had, we actually got out of the dumpster. You brought me a brand new one. Thank you.”



Sherry was in dire need of wheelchair properly fitted to her weight as she was using a wheelchair too small for her frame. She has been injuring her spine and back by utilizing the ill-fitted wheelchair as she had to sit sideways. Sherry is homeless with limited income, spent quickly by staying in motels. “I’m grateful to Harsh’s organization for helping me out when it comes to me needing a walker. It means a lot when it comes to my mobility and capability to keep myself motivated because getting around is hard yet it’s a way of ease on my body and spirit to keep going. I appreciate Harsh and his organization for helping to keep myself going instead of me breaking down more than I have in the past. So, thank you.”



Randy, 5’5” weighing 350 lbs. was in desperate need of a walker with a seat. He used a cane that did not provide proper support. Not having a walker with seat limited his daily activities, due to lack of mobility, leading to depression. “I’ve been having a lot of pain as I walk around. So, this gives me something to lean on and to sit down on when there is no place to sit like when I am waiting for a bus or if I have to go someplace where there is a line.
“I’d like to thank Metropolitan Ministries and Anne-Marie Morgan for referring me to Harsh of Charity Health Resources and getting me this great Walker. Thank you very much.”


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Charity Health Resources is an organization dedicated to providing the underserved and the underinsured the essential medical equipment they need to continue living a quality life.