Making life a little easier.

Charity Health Resources Inc. is a Tampa-based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded by Harsh Bagdy in 2017, who is currently a Senior at C. Leon King High School. CHR is run by High School Student Volunteers and is dedicated to improving our community’s quality of life, by providing the underserved and underinsured, essential self-care and mobility devices they need.

At CHR we believe that everyone deserves to have the needed resources to improve their quality of life and be more independent. Whether they are recovering from an illness or have a disability that limits their ability to take care of themselves, CHR is committed to helping them become more independent and self-reliant.

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Harsh Bagdy and Charity Health Resource has become a part of our family. The way Harsh Bagdy had the insight to see a need we had, found the heart within himself and help my family through his charity is… well… there are no words but simply tears of joy. I can’t thank you Charity Health Resources and Harsh Bagdy enough for what they have given my child and my father.


mother of Sabian, 9 years old boy with Spina Bifida

I didn’t expect all of this. I just wanted a twenty dollar chair. Would have been nice. The wheels didn’t have to be brand new. It’s great. I am really, really happy. Thank you guys once again for donating this.

Sabian's Grandfather



“Thank you, Harsh. I am so happy with the chair. Thank you very much. God bless you.”
Iris, Jordan’s Grandma
“I am so happy, really, god bless you, I am so happy. You know how many years we have to wait for this. A long time. Nobody help us, nobody”.


“Having the cane is helping me to walk more secure because when my knee is swollen I lost balance. Thank you so much for your help.”


“I’ve been having a lot of pain as I walk around. So, this gives me something to lean on and to sit down on when there is no place to sit like when I am waiting for a bus or if I have to go someplace where there is a line and I really appreciate this. Thank you very much.”

“I’d like to thank Metropolitan Ministries and Anne-Marie Morgan for referring me to Harsh of Charity Health Resources and getting me this great Walker. Thank you very much.”


“Having a cane is helping me to walk more confident especially when I’m on pain. The shower chair is been extremely helpful, before taking showers was difficult because I was afraid that I’m going to fall down. God bless you and thank you for the donation.”


“I’m Sherry. Grateful for Harsh’s organization of Charity of helping me out when it comes to me needing a walker. It means a lot when it comes to my mobility and capability to keep myself motivated because getting around is hard but yet it’s a way of ease on my body and spirit to keep going and I appreciate that Harsh, his organization is being giving enough to be able to help me keep myself going instead of me breaking down more than I have in the past. So, thank you.”


“Thank you Harsh and Charity Health Resources. You’ll are the only ones who ever came through with something you’ll promised. People promised me a wheelchair before, never seen it. Wheelchair I got we had to actually get out of the dumpster. You’ll brought me a brand new one. Thank you.”